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Last Few Days Arogya Expo 2018 Ahmadabad

AROGYA 7th - 10th Apr 201, INDORE

Chandigarh Fair 21-24, Oct 2016

New Showroom open in KANPUR


Great News: Honourable PM inaugurate Arogya expo14

6th World Ayurveda Congress & Arogya Expo

Growth of Ayurveda

Winter is on the way

Winter is on the way

With the onset of winter, you are prone to a number of infections. Allergies and viral infections make the rounds, and cold, cough, flu and sinusitis are rampant. A number of these afflictions can be treated Ayurved. Starting this winter, contact to our Ayurveda expert, Dr C.P. Dixit, for discusses the diseases in detail and get Ayurvedic remedies to manage them. As part of this activity, we have arranged for a FREE consultation with Dr. C.P. Dixit. Readers who would like to get an opinion for sinusitis and related issues can write in to or call on +91 9837014430 providing the following details: 1.Name 2.Age 3.Address 4.Contact number We will respond with further details within 2 days of receiving your mail. Hurry! Confirm your appointment now.

Update: 2013-12-10

Clinical Advice

  • Dr. C.P. Dixit, Ayurvedachary (Ex-Regional Ayurvedic & Unani Professor)
  • * Everyday 6pm to 8pm On Phone 9837014430
  • * Free Camps - Sun, Tue, Fri on 10am to 3pm at Seva Sadan Ayurvedic       Chikitsa Kendra Jain Nagar,Agra gate, Firozabad (U.P.)