Acidity and Digestive Care (Antanil Tablet 60 tab + Gasino Tablet 60 tab + Gashar Churna 120 g + Hing Bati 100 g)

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Antanil Tablet :- An effective remedy for gastric acidity. An ayurvedic composition contains natural ingredients that correct root causes of disorders with no effect on the natural constitution of healthy living being.

Gasino Tablet :-  Gasino tablet relieves from uncomfortable flatulence. Formula contains classical ayurvedic herbo mineral formulations and bhasmas that were mentioned in classical texts to correct abdominal disturbances.

Gashar Churna :-  Gashar Churna is a very effective digestive medicine that stimulates digestive enzymes and heals digestion disorders naturally.

Hing Bati :-  Hing bati is made with rich natural and organic herbs along with spices in the right proportions. Hing Bati contains ajwain, heeng, fenugreek, and properties of lemon, which give us a healthy digestive system.

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